Impact Stories

Objectives of the Organisation

Engage in Philanthropic, creative, public welfare works and simultaneouly providing accessibility to the necessary services in the rural areas.  
To work for the social, ethical, rural Industrial, creative, artistic, behavioural, educational development of the Citizens of this nation.
Provide employment opportunities for making them self dependent to the Skilled Labours Scheduled Castes, Physically Challenged, Women, Widows, Dependent and the economically backwards sections which come under the Working areas of this organisation.
Provide information and cooperation pertaining to the Programmes run by the Khadi and CSC   Gramodyog Board, Khadi Ayog, Small Scale and Rural Industrial Directorate.
Organise camps in the rural areas for providing information, training and accessories to the Farmers regarding Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Gardening and other activities.
Promotion of Animal husbandry and Security Activities.
By organising Training and Working camps provide Information regarding the new technological inputs in science and computers for the upliftment and development of the rural areas.
To provide education, training and self dependable techniques to the physically able Beggars.
Manage library and Edutainment facilities simultaneously publications of Magazines, Literature Materials, Memorials etc for the general public and villagers.
Provide information and awareness regarding AIDS and other diseases.
Provide Free Medical facilities for the General Public.
Through Yoga, Meditation, Reki Touch Therapy, Acupressure and Nature Therapy work for the welfare. For the rural areas provide Mobile Medical unit vehicle for the Patients.
Organise Women Orientation Seminars. 
Promotion and Development of our traditional Classical and Folk Art through Art, Dastakari, Music, Drama.
Awareness regarding Anti-Dowry Campaign and create a broader public base for it simultaneously if any such activity has been there in a family then with the mediation and negotiation of honourable people organise and manage.
For the upliftment of the living standards of the women and the sections of the Society living Below Poverty Line impart them Training for the Self Empolyment Proagrammes such as Sewing, Cutting, Stiching, Dairy, Small and Rural scale Industries and thus play a conducive role in the Society and Nation development.
Work for the holistic development of Women and Children through welfare proagrammes..
To provide shelter and home to the orphans and destitutes .Nurture them in a congenial environment with setting them in family thus making them a good citizen of the Nation.
Provide respectable environment to the Senior Citizens of the society living in solitude and ostracized.
Work for the welfare of the people who have been affected by the natural Calamities like Flood, Earthquake, drought and any other natural disaster and provide them all necessary help.
Work for Environment Conservation and Protection simultaneously create awareness among general public.
Provision of Education by organising Mobile Camps for the weaker sections of the society.
By organising Adult Education Proagrammes for the illiterate women and men in the rural areas.
Open educational Centers and through this medium develop the Children’s Pyshological & Physical Character with the all around personality development therefore inculcating among them Humanitarian and Cultural values. 
Develop and upgrade the Public Education System. Particularly relating to the following Subjects Information and Communication Technology, Engineering, Science, Creative Learning in science particularly those streams which are related to the Information and Communication technology. Simultaneously for the needy and curious people who require these technology most.