Message from Philanthropic Pen

If you want hapinnes for a year. inherit a fortune.if you want hapiness for a lifetime help someone else. CONFUCIUS

These classic words from the Great Chinese Philosopher Confucius of Sixth Century BC lucidly and aptly explain the significance of Philanthrophy, Charity of others who are bereft of joys, pleasures and basic amenities of life. We are living in such a commercialized, malevolent and materialistic life where the sole aim of life is to monitor, analyze those deeds or works relentlessly with vigor and passion which satisfies or earns profits gains to self our own anxieties, greed or materialistic quench. Moreover in this selfish approach we also unabashedly ignore or treat our fellow human beings who are weak, meek and feeble.

If God has been kind to someone by gracing the better fortune through health and wealth then it is a divine order to share and care to the downtrodden section of the society by all means. ROSHNEE is a small step or a divine gesture to provide conducive platform to all the GOOD SAMARITIANS of the society under one philanthropic umbrella so we vigorously, passionately. selflessly with benevolent approach to serve those who are suffering under the gallows of pathos and pains of Poverty, Illiteracy, Disease and innumerable evils of the Society.

A one drop of charity and joy from our Ocean of joys and fortune can quench the thirst of a person who might be thirsty from ages of this joy and smile. I summarise my pen from this Persian Proverb but the deeds of ROSNEE are filled,with indelible ink of selfless and noble deeds Every individual goes down to his or her death bearing in hands only that which he ')r she has given away.