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A candle does not loose its shining while lighteing another candle.

Who We Are

Roshnee Sewa Sansthan was established in the year 01 August 2001

Registered under society act, having its registered office at 111/10 Civil Lines, Ajmer; keeping the broad perspective for the welfare of community Roshnee Sewa Sansthan has decided to cover the basic area of society through which the society will get benefited. 



A beautiful RAY of HOPE, SHARE and CARE for HUMANITY

What We Do


-We Find & Fund

Distribution of Dry Food Rations, sanitizers and masks to the Areas of Minority section and slum areas. 


-We Build Networks

Serving the meeks during pandemic, a small gesture towards Tolfa, Animal Care Ngo.


-We Encourage

Roshnee members giving away a sewing machine, encouraging self sufficiency among.


-We Spread Smiles

 Every child should have the opportunity to play with games and toys and to learn from that experience. More than anything else, the smile that it brings on their faces is priceless.
Roshnee did just that by handing over toys and games to school.


-We Provide Care

Continuing our tryst with working for the elderly in society. Roshnee visited an old age home to spend the day with the senior members of our society. We interacted with them, felicitated them and hoped it brought a smile on their faces.


-We Strengthen

In Collaboration with Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Spraying of sanitizers in residential areas, Roshnee volunteers assisting in these noble deeds.

Impact Stories

Objectives of the Organisation

Engage in Philanthropic, creative, public welfare works and simultaneously providing accessibility to the necessary services in the rural areas.

To work for the social, ethical, rural Industrie', creative, artistic, behavioural, educational.

Provide employment opportunities for making them self dependent to the Skilled Labours Scheduled Castes, Physically Challenged, Women, Widows, Dependent and the kites backwards sections which come under the Working area of this organisation.

Provide information and cooperation pertaining to the Programmes run by the Khadi and CSC   Grarnodyog Board, Khadi Ayog, Small Scale and Rural Industrial Directorate.

Organise camps in the rural areas for providing information, training and accessories to the Farmers regarding Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Gardening and other activities.

Promotion of Animal husbandry and Security Activities.

By organising Training and Working camps provide Information regarding the new technological.

To provide education, training and self dependable inputs in Science and Computers for the I  ent and development of the rural areas. techniques to the physically able Beggars.

Manage library and Edutainment facilities simultaneously publications of Magazines, Literature Materials, Memorials etc for the general public and villagers.

Provide information and awareness regarding AIDS and other diseases.

Message from Philanthropic Pen

If you want hapinnes for a year. inherit a fortune.if you want hapiness for a lifetime help someone else. CONFUCIUS

These classic words from the Great Chinese Philosopher Confucius of Sixth Century BC lucidly and aptly explain the significance of Philanthrophy, Charity of others who are bereft of joys, pleasures and basic amenities of life. We are living in such a commercialized, malevolent and materialistic life where the sole aim of life is to monitor, analyze those deeds or works relentlessly with vigor and passion which satisfies or earns profits gains to self our own anxieties, greed or materialistic quench. Moreover in this selfish approach we also unabashedly ignore or treat our fellow human beings who are weak, meek and feeble.

If God has been kind to someone by gracing the better fortune through health and wealth then it is a divine order to share and care to the downtrodden section of the society by all means. ROSHNEE is a small step or a divine gesture to provide conducive platform to all the GOOD SAMARITIANS of the society under one philanthropic umbrella so we vigorously, passionately. selflessly with benevolent approach to serve those who are suffering under the gallows of pathos and pains of Poverty, Illiteracy, Disease and innumerable evils of the Society.

A one drop of charity and joy from our Ocean of joys and fortune can quench the thirst of a person who might be thirsty from ages of this joy and smile. I summarise my pen from this Persian Proverb but the deeds of ROSNEE are filled,with indelible ink of selfless and noble deeds Every individual goes down to his or her death bearing in hands only that which he ')r she has given away.